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About us

Animal Antics was established in 2010 after identifying a need for a bespoke pet and animal care service. The business has grown steadily, as has its reputation for flexibility and excellent care of its varied clients.

In 2015, we began working closely with Rebecca of Pet Watch (Guernsey), another family based business, and late in 2016 the two businesses merged to strengthen our position as Guernsey's number one pet-care provider.

On 19th May 2017 Rebecca and Alan married, quietly in their own home with Martyn and Sue, their dog obsessed friends, as witnesses and their own dogs at their feet, making it a proper Animal Antics wedding.

Animal Antics' intention is to provide you and your animals with the same level of care and attention that you yourself give. As animal lovers, we understand the bond that develops with your animals, and over the time we have spent with many animals we understand that no two animals' needs and personalities are the same. Animal Antics will listen to you, the experienced owner and the one that understands your animals the best.

Should you have a cat that needs feeding, a rabbit to be fed and cleaned, a Whippet that has a 10 minute run and 40 minute lead walk, then that is what we would provide. Alternatively, if you own an elderly animal that needs a 15 minute amble and a little bit of company, or sheep and livestock that need a feed, then that is what we will provide.

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that we will always love and treat your pets as if they were our own.

Animal Antics do not just stop at dog and pet care but also offer an animal taxi service, small animal care, as well as security checks on your properties and gardens.

If you are planning a holiday or need cover for illness etc, and would like your animals to stay in their own environment with their normal routine we have a team of police-checked, animal loving house-sitters available. We also offer a home boarding service for dogs, where your small, neutered, sociable dogs can come and stay in our family home and share the sofa and home comforts with us.

Alan and Rebecca Brehaut

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